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"Growing against the Grain" is a 30-minute video about farmers in Audubon County, Iowa, who are working to build healthy food systems and farms, put the culture back in agriculture, and restore a lost spirit to their communities. They are doing this through sustainable farming practices and direct marketing their products to the consumer. 

It was produced by Helen D. Gunderson of Gunder-friend Productions for the Audubon County Family Farms with support from the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Practical Farmers of Iowa. You may view it in three parts via YouTube or as a whole with Windows Media Player software.

full transcript of the video as well as a sampling of images

order form to get your copy of the video

contact information for Audubon County Family Farms

sample of the interview (audio only)
You need the audio player from Real Audio installed on your computer. The free version will do just fine.