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Iowa Barn Postcard


Identification, Location, Date of Photograph, and Status of the Barns

Howard family barn.
Southwest of Rolfe. Photographed in 1989.
Built in 1914.
Now owned by Slama family.
Bud Reilly's barn.
Northwest of Ames.
Photographed in 2002.
Built in 1880.
Standing but unused.
Bessie Gildersleeve's barn.
Northwest of Gilbert.
Photographed in 2004.
Built in 1912.
Partially used for storage.
Gunderson barn.
Southwest of Rolfe.
Photographed in 2005.
Built in 1904.
Partially razed.
Brinkman barn.
Southwest of Rolfe.
Photographed in 1989.
Built in 1919.
It has been razed.
Keith family clock barn.
East of Pocahontas.
Photographed in 1996.
Built in 1921.
Partially used for storage.

owa Governor Tom Vilsak proclaimed 2005 as "The Year of the Barn and Family Farm."  The postcard shown above is perhaps still available at the following retail stores in Iowa: the Octagon Center for the Arts in Ames and the Iowa Artisan's Gallery in Iowa City.

The postcard is a high-quality, beautiful product by Modern Postcard and measures 4 1/4 x 6 inches, which meets the Postal Service standards for a 23-cent stamp. The cost of each card is $1.00 with a discounted price of 80 cents per card on orders of five or more.

Our E-Postcard feature is now ready for use. Visitors can send email postcards with Helen's photography to their friends and colleagues.

Helen also has color photo notecards of the barns. Please visit her notecard gallery, especially the section of photos of farm buildings.

The June 2005 edition of Iowa Arts News includes a feature article and artist sketch of Helen. The cyber newsletter is produced by the Iowa Arts Council.

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