The Barn at the Gunderson Home Place

Photos by Helen D. Gunderson. Click on photo for a larger view.

aerial_homeplace2.jpg (47304 bytes)

Aerial photo of the Gunderson home place circa 1960. The white box marks the barn.
b-exterior-door-closed.jpg (136769 bytes) Exterior door on south end of building. Barn wood has lost some of its red color since this photo was taken.
b-exterior-window.jpg (78368 bytes) This view of a window  shows the two layers of siding. The horizontal wood is the first layer of siding, the vertical was put on the building several years later.
b-ground_level-mare's_pen.jpg (45369 bytes) Horse mangers on right with mare's stall to left.
b-ground_level-milking_stancheons.jpg (67865 bytes) Milking stancheons.
b-ground_level-ceiling_structure-3.jpg (60302 bytes) Ceiling over ground level and foundation for haymow.
b-ground_level-interior_supports.jpg (42216 bytes) Ground level supports for mid-section of barn.
b-haymow-purlin-braces-ws.jpg (70999 bytes) Purlin posts in haymow. Total of six per side. The posts are extremely long timbers that go (in one piece) from ground level to the roof line.
b-haymow-purlin-braces-cu.jpg (53827 bytes) Purlin braces.
b-haymow-rafters.jpg (61302 bytes) Haymow rafters.
b-haymow_floor-side_openings.jpg (58996 bytes) Haymow roof joins hay mow floor.