Gunder-friend Productions

  Gunder-friend Productions is the business name for Helen D. Gunderson. She is a native Iowan and communications generalist with many interests, including photography and video production. She also considers herself to be an urban farmer. windmill.jpg (12983 bytes)
 DeElda Heritage Area
In October 2011, Helen gave 60 acres of land northeast of her hometown of Rolfe, Iowa, to the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation. The property has been named the DeElda Heritage Area in memory of Helen's grandmother DeElda Lighter Gunderson. Click here for more information and photos.
  Urban Farming
Check out the index to some urban farming journal entries, a YouTube garden reflection, and other items that Helen posted in 2011. And see some garden photo triptychs from 2012.

  The Road I Grew Up On is a documentary project whose seeds were sown 20 years ago when Helen was living in California but returned to Iowa on photo forays. We have posted a short video and portions of a book about the project.

Women in Agriculture
In 2014, Helen edited the interviews about women in agriculture from her road project and posted the stories. She used some of the clips in a video about women in agriculture to show at the 2015 Iowa meeting of the American Association of University Women.