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Music by Friends, Acquaintances and Others

Instrument Song Time Artist
Original Rags 
by Scott Joplin, transcribed by Kenneth Singleton, from CD Rhapsody in Red, White, and Blue
The Denver Brass
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button accordian improvisation based on
We Gather Together
:59 John Berquist
Eveleth, MN and Chicago, IL
guitar and banjo Country Medley 1:42 Dan Miller
formerly of Philo, California
guitar The Giving Tree
from CD Guitarra de Mi Alma (Guitar of My Soul)
c1998 Soulflower Music
2:39 Tomas Rodriguez
Brooklyn, New York
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mixed The Garden 7:30 Dan Miller
formerly of Philo, California
piano accordion Barbara Polka 1:46 Rod Dense
Pocahontas, Iowa
piano accordion Holtz Auction Schottische 2:41 Rod Dense
Pocahontas, Iowa
piano accordion You Can't Be True Dear Waltz 1:58 Rod Dense
Pocahontas, Iowa
piano accordion Rod's Swiss Waltz 2:07 Rod Dense
Pocahontas, Iowa
piano accordion The Prune Song 1:05 Rod Dense
Pocahontas, Iowa
traditional folk instruments A Sampler 1:54 The music of the Onion Creek Band has the sound and character of a good, front porch jam session. The band plays old-time fiddle tunes and Celtic music on a mix of traditional folk instruments: fiddle, guitar, banjo, mandolin, penny whistle, hammer dulcimer, bass fiddle, and spoons.
violin We Gather Together :31 Mary Sand
Ames, Iowa
vocal The Muskrat Ramble written by Edward Ory and Ray Gilbert, used with permission of copyright holder 2:32 Three high school peers called the Polka Dots from the early 1960s at 1990 all-class reunion: Rita Wax Kelly, Phyllis Pedersen Peterson, and Linda Robinson Cordes. Heidi Tiernan Vosika on piano. Click here for more information.

More songs will be added as this site evolves.