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The Road I Grew Up On
a documentary project by Helen D. Gunderson

book project

Title: The Road I Grew Up On: Requiem for a Vanishing Era.

Description: an eclectic mix of genres with regional history, personal memoir, interviews, poetry, photos, and other material. The book primarily represents my perspective but also includes the views of several other people who lived during a variety of different decades in the rural neighborhood where I grew up in Pocahontas County in northwestern Iowa. I currently own land in the county but live in Ames in central Iowa.

Date: This version of the book was essentially completed in 2004 but without a final chapter.

Posted book files: Index

Publisher: To be self-published some day when the final chapter is completed.

Library of Congress pre-assigned control number: 2003115025

Editing consultant: Linda Ross of Ames, Iowa.

Credits: Included as foot notes within the book

Thanks: To all the neighbors, mentors, and other persons whose participation and support made the book possible.

Use: Visitors to this site are welcome to print, read, and share the documents with friends and colleagues on a non-commercial basis. The PDF files are in screen resolution format. Eventually, there may be an option via this Web site to order a full copy of the incomplete book. Is that an oxymoron?

All materials used with authorized permission.

All rights reserved, Helen D. Gunderson, 2010.

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