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The Road I Grew Up On
a documentary project by Helen D. Gunderson

Title: The Road I Grew Up On

Description: an overview of the changes from the 1940s to the 1950s in the rural neighborhood where I grew up in Pocahontas County in northwestern Iowa. I currently own land in the county but live in Ames in central Iowa.

Length: 10 minutes    Format: YouTube

Credits at time of post production in 1997:

produced and directed by Helen D. Gunderson, Ames, Iowa

editing and other technical support from Bill Kuhn, Kuhn Productions, Des Moines, Iowa

video editing supported by a grant from the Iowa Arts Council

1995 introductory radio news report from Marketplace of American Public Radio

opening aerial footage from Kuhn Production and the Iowa State University Media Production Unit

reenactment footage from Seeds of Survival by Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company and When We Farmed with Horses by the Iowa State University Media Production Unit

archival footage from the American Archives of Factual Film formerly housed at the Iowa State University Parks Library, now at the Library of Congress

archival film clip of tractor and wagon from the late Irene Drobney of Pocahontas County, Iowa

guest narration voices: Jack Shelley, Todd Mundt, Rachel Jeffries, Doug Cooper of Ames, Iowa

music by John Berquist, Ed Carbrey, and Mary Sand of Ames, Iowa

Thanks: To all the neighbors, mentors, and other persons whose participation and support made the video possible.

Use: Visitors to this site are welcome to share the video with friends and colleagues on a non-commercial basis. If you wish to have a DVD of the program, please contact Helen. The cost for the video and shipping have yet to be determined.

All materials used with authorized permission.

All rights reserved, Helen D. Gunderson, 2010.

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