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An Urban Farmer's Journal
On Being at Home in the Garden
by Helen D. Gunderson
November 4, 2011


Note: This is a video reflection. Helen originally wrote the poem in 1988, when she produced a slide/sound show, using photographs she had taken at Wellspring Renewal Center in Philo, California.

Dan Miller, who worked at Wellspring, created the music for both the1988 and 2011 versions. Helen shot all of the footage, except the last two scenes, for the later version in her garden in Ames. The last two images are from an apple tree at her grandparents' farm in Pocahontas County, Iowa. The farm is abandoned but still has the 85-year-old Wealthy tree, and Helen has a tree in her garden that she grafted from the homeplace tree.

Amy R. Slagell read the poem, and Jim Coppoc provided sound help. Amy and Jim also live in Ames. The 2011 version was originally produced to be used as the offertory at a Sunday morning program on earth-centered religions at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames.




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