Gunder-friend Productions


Video Programs and Slide/Sound Shows
by Helen D. Gunderson

This list goes back to 1980. Several of the programs have been encoded for YouTube and can be seen on this page. Some have links to separate pages where they can be viewed either via YouTube or Windows Media Video format. Some are available on DVD. Unfortunately, some are either not available or are presenting challenges in our attempt to digitize them.
Please contact us if you're interested in previewing or purchasing one or wish to have further information about any of them. To see Helen's full listing of videos on YouTube, search for the Gunderfriend and DCG1918 channels.



August 1990     length 22:38



1972-1973     length 10:48




1993     abridged version 5:05, full version, length 24:38




ON BEING AT HOME IN THE GARDEN (2011)  Helen created this reflection to be used as the offertory at a Sunday morning program on earth-centered spirituality at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames. She had originally written the poem in 1988, when she produced a slide/sound show, using photographs she had taken at Wellspring Renewal Center in Philo, California. Dan Miller, who worked at Wellspring, created the music that Helen used both in 1988 and 2011. She shot all of the footage, except the last two scenes, for the later version in her garden in Ames. The last two images are from an apple tree at her grandparents' farm in Pocahontas County, Iowa. The farm is abandoned but still has the 85-year-old Wealthy tree, and Helen has a tree in her garden that she grafted from the homeplace tree. Amy R. Slagell read the poem, and Jim Coppoc provided sound help. Amy and Jim also live in Ames.



January 9, 2010     length 10:36



July 26, 2009     length 5:53



July 12, 2009     length 5:50



July 4, 2002     length 3:51

This set of three videos is related to the 2009 Iowa Supreme Court decision that the state's 10-year prohibition of same-sex marriage was unconstitutional.

PFI MEMBER PROFILE: ANGELA TEDESCO (2009) This video is based on a February 2009 interview with Angela Tedesco, who owns and operates Turtle Farm, a Community Supported Agriculture project, near Granger, Iowa. She is also a member of Practical Farmers of Iowa. It is produced by Helen Gunderson in collaboration with Sally Worley, director of communications for PFI.  Click here for links to viewing the video. (length 17:41)

GROWING AGAINST THE GRAIN (2001) A program about several farmers in Audubon County, Iowa, who are working to build healthy food systems, maintain viable farms, put the culture back in agriculture, and restore a lost spirit to their communities through sustainable farming and direct marketing their produce to the consumer. The show was produced for the Audubon County Family Farms with support from the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture and the Practical Farmers of Iowa. Click here for more information and a link to viewing the video. (length 30:00)

THE MORTENSEN FILMS (2000) Edited movies of school activities from the collection of Ralph Mortensen who was superintendent of schools in Rolfe, Iowa, during the 1950s when he shot the footage. Helen edited the material into a 22-minute video which includes a sound track of music created especially for the project. It premiered at the Rolfe High School all-class reunion. Activities include operettas, proms, sports and parades. Click here to view the films on the Rolfe Alumni Web site. (total length 22:00)

2000     length 1:50



THE ROAD I GREW UP ON (1997) Opening 10 minutes of what was once a work-in-progress about a five-mile stretch of country road in Pocahontas County, Iowa, where there used to be 11 farms and enough school-aged children to fill half a school bus. Now there are only four farms and only two children living along the road. Editing costs were paid in part by a grant from the Iowa Arts Council. Contains music developed for the video and uses footage shot by Helen in the 1990s as well as film clips from the 1940s. Click here for more information. (length 10:00)




DOING LOCAL HISTORY WITH VIDEO (circa 1995) Production funded by a grant from the Iowa Sesquicentennial Commission and distributed to all of Iowa public libraries by the State Library of Iowa with distribution costs paid for by a grant from the Iowa Federation of Women's Clubs. Produced by Iowa State University with HDG as writer/director. (abridged version length 10:52, full version length 22:14)



ROLFE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (1995) In the early 1990s, the United Methodist Church and United Presbyterian Church of the small town of Rolfe, Iowa, merged and became the Shared Ministry of Rolfe. They kept both buildings and alternated use of them. Eventually, though, both buildings needed work and it was too expensive to maintain them both. Consequently, the members voted to demolish the Presbyterian facility, and the last Sunday morning worship service there was on April 30, 1995. It was followed by a lunch and commemorative program in which the building was desacralized by a representative of the Presbytery. It was razed during the next year. Note: the opening text of the video incorrectly says that the last services at the Presbyterian building were in 1996. (length 9:58)

CHILDREN OF THE MOTHERBOARD (1993) A screenplay about a girl computer whiz and her friends obtaining a computer for their classroom. Written and produced with a fourth-grade class in St. Helena, CA. (length 30:00)

A PORTRAIT OF MAIN STREET - POCAHONTAS, IOWA (1992) Uses oral history interviews, current images and historical photos to interpret the heritage of the town. Click here to see the program in three segments (total length 28:00)

A CELEBRATION OF FARM HOMEMAKING (1992) Interprets and celebrates the 50-year history of the Iowa Master Farm Homemaker Guild. Produced by Iowa State University with HDG as writer/director. (length 28:00)

GENTLE GIANTS: WINDOW TO OUR HERITAGE (1991) Uses reminiscences of board members of the Britt Draft Horse Association to interpret the draft horse show they hold on Labor Day Weekend at Britt, Iowa. Click here to see the program in three segments. (length 22:00)

OPERATION GETTING IT TOGETHER (1989) Interprets a church and community organization in Sonoma County, CA, that serves low-income, at-risk youth and families. (length 23:00)

THE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF ST. HELENA, CALIFORNIA (1988) Expands the meaning of "stewardship" and promotes pride in the ministry of the congregation. (length 28:00)

RURAL REFLECTIONS (1988) Honors a rural heritage and suggests a perspective for dealing with feelings in the midst of change. Shown at the 125th anniversary of Rolfe, Iowa. (length 13:30)

FACES OF ROLFE (1988) A collage of photography and music shown at the 125th anniversary of Rolfe, Iowa, held June 1988. (length 16:30)

ON BEING AT HOME IN THE GARDEN (1988) A "somewhat theological reflection." Opens with poetry followed by music and photos of garden scenes. (length 8:30)

REDWOODS HISPANIC MINISTRIES (1987) Interprets the outreach of Presbyterians and other Protestants to the Hispanic community in Mendocino and Lake Counties of California. (length 18:30)

SAGA OF THE DIVIDED HIGHWAY (1987) An audio-visual essay that uses the metaphor of road signs to examine the issue of gender inclusive language. (length 12:00)

FEMINIST PERSPECTIVES (1987) Interprets the input of the Feminist Perspectives group at San Francisco Seminary into the seminary's long-range planning process. (length 14:00)

TWENTY-THIRD PSALM (1987) Rural scenes, contemporary music and a variety of voices. Four sound-track versions: inclusive, music only, Spanish and Revised Standard Version. (each version 4:30)

NAPA COUNTY INTERFAITH (1987) A promotional piece for a group which formed in response to the 1986 flood in Napa County, California. (length 20:00)

REDWOODS MISSION (1986) The Mission Interpretation Committee of Redwoods Presbytery in California used this to interpret the mission of the Presbytery. (length 16:15)

WELCOME TO WELLSPRING (1986) Wellspring Renewal Center in Mendocino County, CA, used this to present a taste of what Wellspring was about. (length 16:00)

NICARAGUAN REFLECTIONS (1986) This was a co-production with a long-term volunteer with Witness for Peace who created this piece following a six-month mission in 1985-86. (length 19:00)

VINE AND COMMUNITY (1986) The Presbyterian Church of St. Helena, CA, used this in a celebration of its congregational self-study. (length 12:00)

SAN FRANCISCO THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY (1985) A promotional piece used at alumnae/i banquets and for recruiting. (length 10:15)

ROLFE HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES (1980) A two-screen, slide/sound show created and shown in the gymnasium for the all-class, alumnae/i banquet of Rolfe High School. (length 50:00)